Cloud Workload Gateway

Once upon a time there was tech push on “Cloud Storage Gateway”, it never reached mainstream success. The key positioning of Openstack-based HyperConverged players is private cloud building block. With Saasame Transport, openstack HCI box becomes the starting point of hybrid cloud use cases:

  1. Enterprise users launch Saasame Transport from public cloud marketplace (AWS, Azure and Alibaba) as target Transport, on-premises openstack HCI box carries source Transport to move original on-premises workloads directly to public cloud for migration or DR purpose.
  2. Original workloads moved to openstack HCI box on-premises first. then the user decides to move to public cloud for whatever reason 6 months later. Install Packer for Windows/Linux in the HCI-box workloads with source Transport running. Bring-your-own-account to launch AWS/Azure marketplace image as target Transport. Then move the workloads from the HCI box to public cloud for migration or DR purpose.
  3. The Openstack HCI provider hosts its own AWS/Azure public cloud account. Enterprise users do not need to apply for its own. The HCI’s public cloud account becomes the service extension to the on-premises HCI box. Enterprise users are billed by the HCI provider. The HCI provider are billed by AWS/Azure on behalf of all its enterprise users.
  4. The Openstack HCI box can be the DR site of enterprise customers’ public cloud accounts. The public cloud marketplace image launched now becomes the source Transport. The HCI box becomes the target Transport. The workloads are either migrated or DR from public cloud back to on-premises in the reverse direction.

Flexibility to support all kinds of use cases in hybrid cloud is the key design goal and unique value of Saasame Transport. I thought it’s pretty self-explanatory in the use cases above.

Enabled by Saasame Transport, Openstack HCI box now becomes “Cloud Workload Gateway” – Copyright¬†¬© 2017 Saasame Ltd. All rights reserved.

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