Freedom is the New Lock-in

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is what Microsoft offers to bring on-premises Windows workloads to Azure, we thought we had no chance as a 3rd-party solution provider. But many enterprise customers and Microsoft partners think otherwise. We have seen a lot of demand for Saasame Transport to support Azure. And we have supported Azure since months ago, it becomes clear we can offer unique value in the Azure ecosystem

  1. Freedom is the new lock-in – ASR brings you in, but no way out. Saasame brings you in, and brings you out whenever needed.
  2. One transportation for all destination – Using 1st-party cloud migration tool is like changing your car for every place you go. Saasame Transport supports AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Openstack and on-premises with physical/VMware.
  3. Sky is the limit, down to earth – AzureStack is gaining momentum. ASR supports Azure, but not AzureStack. Saasame Transport works brilliantly with both.
  4. Show me the money – AWS and Azure are growing fast, recognizing little partner value so leaving little partner margin. Partners need to resell 3rd-party tools with higher margin along with low-margin IaaS.

Welcome any enterprise and partner inquiries by filling out the form here . Use promo code A5G5F for buy 5 get 5 free for Azure.

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