Neutral Play Swiss Army knife

2017 Oct., Racemi closed

2018 Jan., Deloitte acquired ATADATA

2018 Feb., VMWare acquired CloudVelox

2018 May, Google acquired Velostrata

Well the bad news is the cloud migration business seems not explosive enough to keep all these players independent, the good news is top IT players do realize the strategic value here and Saasame now becomes one of the few neutral plays surviving able to set enterprises free between on-premises, AWS, Azure, Alibaba, VMWare and Openstack Clouds.

For system integrators worldwide focusing on Cloud DR and migration business, what you need is a neutral play vendor, a Swiss Army knife, one automated tool to deal with enterprises with virtually any Cloud destination requirement. Contact today.


1 thought on “Neutral Play Swiss Army knife”

  1. And 2019 Jan. AWS acquired CloudEndure for $200M !! well it is not difficult to imagine how pissed CloudEndure was by watching Google gobbled up VeloStrata given the relationship behind, what’s the most effective way to get back at a cheater? marrying his #1 enemy in a hurry…

    So almost all my US head-to-head competitors have been acquired by 800-lbs gorillas, who is saasame’s giant panda?

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