On-premises or Cloud #Meltdown ?

Obviously Intel kernel-memory-leaking issue is historical, and those public cloud giants are nervous.

My only question is which direction of momentum would be generated by this unprecedented and fundamental information security issue, to on-premises or to the Cloud?

I found my answer below, in the article referenced above:

Google said it has updated its public cloud service to prevent attacks related to Meltdown and Spectre. “We used our VM Live Migration technology to perform the updates with no user impact, no forced maintenance windows and no required restarts,” Google engineering vice president Ben Treynor Sloss wrote in a blog post. But customers will still need to update the operating systems they use on the Google cloud.

The combination that all software and hardware under its control, with the most expensive/capable engineers, almost any cutting-edge technology at its disposal, huge bargaining power against any ecosystem player and fueled by virtually unlimited cash and resources, seem to be a much better solution to address this historical issue compared to in-house IT, for probably ANY enterprise around the globe. I am talking about public cloud players including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba.

It’s only T+3, will have to monitor this historical issue closely, doesn’t matter which direction of momentum though, Saasame Transport is designed to be the bi-directional tool to empower enterprises to move freely, as needed.

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