Saasame was founded in 2015 by a group of enterprise Cloud service experts. Within two years it has developed from scratch and released Saasame Transport – P2C & V2C & C2C workload mover. The initial market and customer response has been overwhelmingly positive for the flexibility and automation optimized specifically for the Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery use cases. Saasame has go-to-market successfully in Greater China Region targeting Cloud (IaaS) providers, Hyper-Converged (HCI) providers and enterprise users. Saasame is now expanding aggressively to the rest of the world. We are looking for strong regional partners in the Cloud ecosystem to win this booming market segment now. Our mission is to cloudify enterprises as the first step and unlock hybrid Cloud as the ultimate goal.


芝麻开云创立于2015年初,由一群企业云服务专家所组成。  成立两年内,已从零研发并推出 SaaSaMe Transport,一款 P2C、V2C 和 C2C 的 workload 搬移软件。 目前的市场和用户,针对此款软件能够实现灵活又自动化的云迁移和灾难恢复,都给予极高的评价。芝麻开云已成为大中华地区的领导品牌,为云服务商、超融合( HCI )提供商,和企业用户提供混合云的解决方案。


芝麻开云正积极扩展到世界各地,我们在寻找云生态系统中强大的区域合作伙伴,来共同赢得正爆发成长的企业云市场。我们的使命是以企业云化作为起点,帮助企业 IT 在混合云中自由移动为最终目标。





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