Saasame Transport

is to cloudify enterprise and unlock Hybrid cloud
with the following features and benefits:


1. Minimal RTO & RPO

SaaSaMe Transport Packer consumes minimal CPU and memory resources of the source workload, nearly no performance impact and no production downtime before the switch to the recovered instance in the Cloud.

Non-Disruptive, Transparent

2. Disaster Recovery (DR) and migration modes

In planned migration mode, the workload only needs to shut down right before moving, user can sync one last time to minimize losses (RPO=0). In DR mode, SaaSaMe Transport would pick up the most recent snapshot for the recovery with minimal RTO.


Best of both DR and migration worlds

3. Seamless integration with target Cloud

SaaSaMe Transport is by design to be integrated with the selected target clouds through API. No error-prone human effort is involved in the entire recovery process, especially critical in emergency DR circumstances.


One click, end-to-end automated

4. Agentless for VMware workloads

IT might have concerns against installing agent in certain production workloads. SaaSaMe Transport supports agentless for VMware workloads including Windows and Linux through VMware API.


Easy, Enterprise IT friendly

5. Physical and other hypervisors

Both Packer for Windows and Packer for Linux need to be installed as client agent to move physical workloads. They also work perfectly for all non-VMware workloads on other hypervisors.


Almost everything covered

6. Application-specific optimization

Before and/ after snapshot creation and cloud instance recovery,
user can import scripts to customize desired processes.



7. Light Deployment, Easy to Use

SaaSaMe Transport is a super light-weight software package, with minimal CPU and memory usage. All replication and recovery processes are controlled through one management portal. Users do not need to learn multiple tools for different scenarios.


User friendly

8. Bi-directional

SaaSaMe Transport moves workloads from On-premises to the Cloud, also from Cloud back to the On-premises. In the case of Hybrid Cloud we always support bi-directional moving.


Total freedom

9. Windows VSS application-aware

SaaSaMe Transport supports Windows VSS to achieve the best success rate of application recovery of Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint. Similar mechanism would be supported for Linux workloads as well.


Application aware

10. Fast heterogeneous conversion

In order to recover workloads in a different environment, many changes need to be made such as disk format, system drivers, etc. SaaSaMe Transport Launcher does a fast conversion of those to hit critical RTO requirement.


Heterogeneous support tough but key

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